Interactions with T0n1c at Gen Con

Stealing a friend’s brilliant idea (Hey, Bull!) and sharing some helpful tidbits about meeting up with me in meat space, specifically Gen Con.

  1. I am bad with names! Please don’t take it personally if I don’t remember your name, Twitter handle, etc. Even if we just talked earlier in the day. I *promise* it is not you, it’s my swiss-cheese brain.
  2. I’m a hugger. I will ask permission before touching people (because that is the cool thing to do. Ask permission, seriously people.) So if you don’t want a hug, please tell me no!  Don’t think you’re going to hurt my feelings, ’cause you won’t.  And even if saying no to a hug does hurt someone’s feelings, that is their problem, not yours.  It’s your body and you have every right to say no!
  3. I totally want to see folks and say hi, but if I’m in the middle of a game, please don’t interrupt! This goes for anyone really, don’t interrupt games.  We have a limited time to play and it’s rude to screw with other people’s fun by interrupting. Holler at me on Twitter @JenT0n1c and we can arrange to meet up later.
  4. I startle really easily, please, for the love of Ghost, don’t sneak up on me.  I don’t think it’s funny and it spikes my anxiety something fierce.  Sneaking up behind someone to startle them is not cool, please don’t.
  5. You may see me using a cane. I’m fine, don’t worry.  I have some issues with vertigo and lack of balance (dexterity/agility really is my dump stat) and having a stick to lean on keeps me from falling into other people.  It also cuts down on the amount of pain I end up dealing with after a long day of walking/sitting/standing.

Are you going to Gen Con? Let me know in the comments!


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