Reddit Contest Results!

Well, I may not have won the whole race, but the accolades for my run made my day!  I came in second, and am totally thrilled that I did that well!

The winner was Mirror Mirror by Stuh421, and it was awesome!  Great prime runner run.  Disney-themed, which just makes it more entertaining.

I will share the accolades below (accolades were voted on by the judges) because I just have to preserve them somewhere, since they make this cranky decker so happy!

Most Portable Run: Land of Oz

“The formatting and sidebars make this run the easiest to pick up and go, and everything down to the street names make this easy for any GM to plop right into thier game. Bravo!” – xippilli

Best Warm Fuzzies Run: Land of Oz, Land of Oz

“I’m not sure if this is so much a feel good thing as it is just one of those runs where it’s great to take an irreverent, silly idea and go with it… but Land of Oz is a great little freak-show that I could see myself running for a drunk one shot for my home group and for that, it gets my vote!” – Damian, Violent Life Podcast

“Ghost, this is a real tearjerker. HE JUST WANTS TO SEE HIS DEAD WIFE AGAIN, DAMMIT!” – xippilli

Most Comedic Run: Land of Oz, Land of Oz

“Land of Oz has the Lollipop Gang. If you do not literally have one of the gangers yell ‘We Represent the Lollipop Gang!” at one point, you’re doing yourself a disservice.” – Damian, Violent Life Podcast

“Bopti is one of my new favorite characters. With Bopti, the Lollipop Gang, and straight up Dorothy, this is great use of comedy in Shadowrun.” – xippilli


HUGE thanks to anyone who voted for my run, you all are awesome!

Can’t wait to see what the next contest will be!




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