Mission Teaser: Cast of Shadows

Haven’t gotten much work done on Katjia’s story this past week, sorry readers!  I’ve been busily working on a mission for the writing contest over on the /r/Shadowrun sub on Reddit.  The submission deadline is April 30th, so I’ve been busily editing, fixing stats, and picking my husband’s brain for read-throughs.

This whole mission-writing biz is the real drek, chummers!  This has been a pain in the hoop from start to finish; but it has been 100% a labor of love.  I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of writing something that is so out of my usual skill-set.  For every bit that I get frustrated at after the ump-teenth revision; there is that fragging sweet sense of victory when I pound it into submission and make it my… Well, you get the idea!

Anywho…writerly grumblings/bragging aside; I thought I would share a little teaser from the mission with you all.  This bit is the write up for the fixer in my mission.  He’s a bit of a character, and I had a blast coming up with all his quirks.

I will post either a link to the contest or I will post the full mission here, once the results of the contest are in (late May, early June I think?)

Also, a note on this character: I realize this is WAY more write up than NPCs usually get in a mission; but the contest has various accolades that are up for grabs, and one of those is most memorable NPC.  Hence a big write up for an NPC. (Plus, this guy grew on me and I had to give him some more backstory.)



Bopti is almost as much a part of Kansas City as the BBQ everyone knows and loves.  You can’t be a runner in KC and *not* know Bopti, it’s just not possible.  A former runner himself, he knows the ins and outs of the shadows.  Back in his running days his specialty was pistols, but now he sticks to the behind-the-scenes work; fixing up runners who need work with Johnsons who have jobs.

He finds himself enjoying the quieter side of the shadows these days.  Thanks to this change of occupation, he even has time to pursue and old favorite hobby, Cowboy Action Shooting.  He’s joined a club and they get together for practices and competitions.  Not only does he get to keep his pistol skills sharp; he also gets to hang out with folks who appreciate his…”unique” style.

The Single Action Shooting Society not only encourages, but requires members to take on an alias that fits in with the late 19th century theme, but to dress like them as well.  For Bopti, there was no question; no one but John Wayne would do.  John Wayne. The Duke. The best actor to ever grace the screen, and Bopti’s hero since his dad showed him an old flat vid of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance when he was six years old.  Bopti takes it a little farther though, dressing in stereotypical cowboy gear all the time.  He jokingly refers to his hat as a 30-gallon hat, since no 10-gallon hat would fit his massive ork head.  Not only does he dress like The Duke, he acts like him too.  Bopti has watched so many hours of John Wayne films that he can walk, talk, and move just like the real thing.  It’s weird, yes, but those who have known Bopti long hardly notice anymore.  Most will say it’s worth the act to deal with a good guy who doesn’t try to screw them over every chance he gets.

Bopti wanted nothing more than to be a cowboy just like John Wayne when he grew up, and running the shadows was pretty close.  He didn’t have a horse, of course, but he still got to shoot bad guys and rescue pretty girls from bandits.  Eventually the life of the cowboy caught up to him, and the various injuries he’d incurred over the years started to slow him down.

Realizing that a slow cowboy is a dead cowboy, Bopti retired from running, and set up a fixing business.  He named it Batjac Production, after the production company John Wayne founded later in his career.  Instead of wiz trid films, Bopti now produces things people need.  He draws on his years in the biz, and the many connections made to produce connections between Johnsons and runners, gear, and information; he makes a comfortable living off of his cut from the transactions. Retirement seems to suit him; almost as well as that cowboy hat he always wears.

2.5 meters tall, 317 kg, 37 years old

Physical adept, pistol expert

Cowboy hat, shirt with pearl snaps, bolo tie, jeans, cowboy boots.  Talks like John Wayne


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