Katjia Part 3.1

The Present

Katjia jolted awake, her pillow soaked with tears and the blankets with sweat.  Fragging drek! Why does it have to be that dream again? She shook her head in an attempt to clear it and swung her legs on to the floor.  You know why. The voice of Krex, her ally spirit, floated through her mind as if it were her own thoughts. You know and yet you continue to ignore it and ask why. His voice, far from being accusing or taunting, was like that of a parent attempting to convince a child to make the choice they know they should, while still letting them think it was their idea.  Katjia thought better of responding, choosing to instead sigh and stumble towards what passed for a kitchen in her micro apartment; she needed soykaf before she could deal with Krex, or the rest of the world for that matter.

A cup of soykaf in hand, Katja shuffled to the tiny bathroom and started the shower.  She took a sip from her cup as the water heated up, hoping that hot soykaf and hotter water would clear the cobwebs from her head.  She needed to be clear today when she met with the team this afternoon.  She set the cup on the edge of the sink where she could reach it from the shower, cranked up the music, and got in.

Concrete Dreams blasted her ears as the scalding water pounded her back.  Katjia craned her neck and rolled her shoulders, trying to work out the kinks from another night of fragged up dreams and little sleep.  Maybe she’d swing by Stuffer Shack on the way to the meet to pick up some Cram to help her think.  I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Kat.  You know what happened…before. Krex’s voice startled her from her steamy reverie. Gah! How many times to I have to tell you to knock before you scan my head when I’m in in the shower!  Krex sighed, or at least he made a noise that resembled a sigh, I still don’t get why it makes a difference where you are.  We’ve communicated this way for what? 8 years now?

Yeah, I know, but I still like to maintain the illusion of privacy, especially when my naked hoop’s just hanging out here.  Krex sighed again, You humans and your modesty.  Ok fine, I’ll go talk to the houseplants ‘till your dressed.  Katjia felt him move across the apartment, and she went back to scrubbing off the sweat and tears from the night; hoping against hope that she was ready for what was to come.


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